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Speaker Series:
The Haskins Legacy: The Next Generations

In addition to our regular Staff Talks we are pleased to announce a new Haskins speaker series taking place in 2012. This series is a follow-up to last years's series, The Haskins Legacy - The Science of the Spoken and Written Word.

Most talks take place on Thursdays at 12:30 PM in the Large Conference Room at Haskins.

The Haskins Legacy: The Next Generations
A Haskins Laboratories speaker series: 2012

January 19   Takayuki Ito,
“Sensorimotor function in speech production and perception”
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February 2  Mark Tiede,
“Noggin nodding: quantifying head movements correlated with increased difficulty in accelerating speech production tasks”
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February 23     Julie Van Dyke,
"Reading beyond the word and back again: The next generation of reading research at Haskins"
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March 22  Nicole Landi,
“Studies of reading and language impairment, from low-level to high-level deficits”
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April 5 

Adamantios Gafos
“Dynamics in grammar"
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May 17 Tine Mooshammer,
“Speech errors around the world”
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May 24    Martha Tyrone,
“Sign language research at Haskins”
September 6  Bryan Gick,
“A whole-event model for speech”
September 20  Margie Gillis,
“Reading research in the classroom: What should teachers know and be able to do?
September 27 Heather Bortfeld, “Assessing developmental change in normal and impaired auditory processing”
November 8 Laura Koenig,
“Aspects of speech production in typically-developing children” (pptx)
December 13 Einar Mencl
“Progress in Neuroimaging at Haskins”
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May 23, 2013 Khalil Iskarous,
“Linguistic pattern formation”