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New York connections:

From, or to, New York City it is best to take a Metro North train. For most of the day, trains depart from New York's Grand Central Station and New Haven's Union Station about once every hour. Trains are more frequent (and expensive) during peak hours. The trip from New York to New Haven takes a little under 2 hours. Be sure to check the Metro North schedule for departure and arrival times. Also, please be aware that there are now 2 New Haven stops. You want the plain New Haven stop, NOT the New Haven - State St. station.

Boston connections:

From, or to, Boston you use Amtrak, departing from Boston's South Station (BOS). The Acela train costs about twice as much as a Regional train, but is a little faster (2 hours vs. approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes). Be sure to check the Amtrak schedule for arrival and departure times and costs.

Washington, DC connections:

From, or to, Washington, DC, you use Amtrak, departing from Washington's Union Station (WAS). There are 3 general approaches for going from DC to New Haven via train. (1) Metroliner from DC to New York, Pennsylvania Station. You then need to take either a subway, bus, or cab, to get to Grand Central Station, where you catch Metro North to New Haven (see above). (2) Acela directly from Washington, DC Union Station to New Haven Union Station. This is the fastest (4 hours, 30 minutes) and most convenient and comfortable approach, but it is expensive and does not run very frequently. (3) Amtrak Regional Service from Washington DC Union Station to New Haven's Union Station. This method is the least expensive, but the train is slower (about 5 hours) and does not travel as frequently as the Metroliner. Be sure to check the Amtrak schedule for arrival and departure times and costs.

You will arrive at (or depart from) the Union Station in New Haven. From there, it is best to take a taxi to the Laboratories or your hotel; it will cost only a few dollars. Taxis can be found right outside Union Station.


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