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Workshop on Speech Production and Motor Control

An internal Workshop on Speech Production and Motor Control, organized by David Ostry, was held at Haskins Laboratories on Thursday, October 4, from 12:30 to 5:05 p.m. in the large conference room. Eleven researchers presented their recent work. The workshop was intended to provide an opportunity for all to learn what has recently been accomplished in these areas at Haskins Laboratories. A list of speakers and titles appears below. For additional information contact David Ostry. PowerPoint presentations are available for some of the talks. Videos are forthcoming.

Haskins Internal Workshop: Speech Production / Motor Control Group
Thursday October 4
12:30 PM - 5 PM
Haskins Laboratories, Main Conference Room

12:30-12:55 Ludo Max, Neural mechanisms underlying stuttering: A
speech and nonspeech motor control approach

12:55-1:20 Khalil Iskarous, Tongue movement variability in task and
non-task locations

1:20-1:45 Mark Tiede, Variability of North American English /r/
production in response to palatal perturbation

(Presentation in PDF format)

1:45-2:10 Takayuki Ito, Somatosensory-auditory interaction in speech perception

2:10-2:35 Bruno Repp, Effects of metrical subdivision on perceived beat rate (PowerPoint presentation)

2:35-3:00 Coffee

3:00-3:25 Michael Turvey, Imperfect symmetry and the elementary
coordination law

3:25-3:50 Mike Proctor & Chris Shadle, Vocal tract geometry of
English fricatives: Methods and findings

3:50-4:15 Anders Lofqvist, Tongue movement kinematics in speech: Task
specific control of movement speed

(PowerPoint presentation)

4:15-4:40 Martha Tyrone, Variation and reduction in ASL sign location

4:40-5:05 Vince Gracco, Some observations on brain activation for the
perception and production of lexical items